What is food addiction like?


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What is food addiction like?

How do you answer this question? What would be an appropriate answer to this question?

As far as I know, the question is not asking someone to make a comparison between food addiction and something. So the following would not be a pertinent answer.

Food addiction is like drug addiction.

I think it's just like a "What is he like?" type of question.

What is he like?

When somebody asks you this question, you don't answer it as follows:

He is like his father.

Instead, the answers should be something like "He is nice", "He is viscious", which denote his personality or character.

I'd appreciate it if you could answer my question. Thanks.
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    The question What is X like? does not necessarily expect the answer X is like Y. You can also answer X is [adjective]. Or maybe even X [verb].

    What is a bird like? A bird flies. It has feathers.


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    PS if you want a list of things that are similar to something that you specify, you can ask instead What is like food addiction? This expects an answer such as Alcoholism and cocaine dependency are like food addiction.
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