what is it or what it is

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  1. madame_bovary Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Hello, I wonder why sometimes the same question is writen in a different way.
    For instance, I was reading a book and I saw this:

    `Something's wrong! What is it?' she cried.´

    If I would had to say that, I would have used "what it is"

    Could you tell me the difference between them and when use each one?
  2. espanol21 New Member

    English - England
    "What is it?", is always used for questions, but "What it is.." is always used as a statement/ response :)
  3. madame_bovary Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Oh, right. I understand now, I thought it could be related to "direct speech and reported speech"

  4. Wildcat1 Senior Member

    Amer. English
    No, "What is it?" is correct.

    Yes it can:

    Direct speech:
    She asked, "What is it"?

    Indirect speech:
    She asked what it is. (more natural: She asked what it was.)

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