What is Latin translation for "eternal darkness"?


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Hi. May I ask what is the Latin translation for "eternal darkness"? Google says "tenebris aeternam" while Yandex says "aeterna tenebrae", but what would be the most suitable to use as a nickname? Thanks.
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    Hello and welcome to the Latin forum

    For a nickname I would say aeternae tenebrae or aeterna obscuritas.
    The endings depend on the function (''case'') of the words within the sentence. What I suggested is the nominative case (function: subject).


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    I echo bearded's welcome. Yes, tenebrae aeternae is good (better than obscuritas in my view).
    And while I am about it: Google 'translate' and other machine-based 'translators' are utterly useless for inflected languages such as Latin, and especially so from English, on account of the huge number of homographs in our tongue with completely different senses.