what is the difference between "full" and "plentiful" or they are the same


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I have an exercise here:
"Food is full/ plentiful and easy to get"
what should I choose in this exercise and why
thank you very much!
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    Full usually means "completely filled." We often describe a container as 'full': The basket is full of food. We don't say that the food is 'full'.

    Plentiful means that there is a lot of it. Saying that there is a lot of food makes sense: Food is plentiful and easy to get.

    In the future, please use the dictionary search box to look up the words you are asking about. If you look up a word and still are puzzled, you can ask about it in the thread. Say that you looked up the word and explain why you still have a question.


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    It’s perhaps worth pointing out that plentiful is not an everyday word. It’s typically only used in formal contexts to indicate that there’s at least a sufficient amount of a certain commodity, especially an essential one such as food or fuel. The opposite situation could be expressed as a commodity being “in short supply”.