What is the difference of British English and USA English?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Intermediate, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. Intermediate New Member

    Well I've learned British English a little before, but now I don't remember a single thing about British English except for the accent. Is British Grammar different?
  2. PaulQ

    PaulQ Senior Member

    English - England
    I don't remember a single thing about British English I'm sorry about that! :(

    There are slight differences between American English (AE) and British English (BE) grammar but they are not usually large or common enough to create great confusion. In general, both BE and AE speakers make mental allowances without any difficulty for the other's way of speaking.
  3. You could check out the links here.

    Ask again if you have any specific questions.

  4. se16teddy

    se16teddy Senior Member

    London but from Yorkshire
    English - England
    The point that I would emphasize is that the differences in speech (grammar and lexis) from place to place, and from social class to social class, within Britain are great, and I am sure the same goes for North America. In comparison, the consistent differences between Britain and North America are insignificant.
  5. Resa Reader

    Resa Reader Senior Member

    Welcome to this forum, Intermediate :),

    As this is your first post you don't know about the "rules" here yet. (So take the time and read them. ;))
    Did you see "Thread title search" at the top of this page? If you type in "British English and American English" you will find out that a lot of people asked the same or more or less the same question before you did. So, if you have a look at those "old threads" you will get more information about the topic.
  6. Waylink Senior Member

    English (British)
    Intermediate, could you confirm what your question is?

    You originally asked: "What is the difference of British English and USA English?"

    I believe that there are many significant differences between AE and BE - some are very familiar and conspicuous and many are subtle, hidden or confusing even to native speakers of English.

    You later asked: "Is British Grammar different?"

    I would readily agree with PaulQ that the differences are slight.
  7. changwecanbelievein Senior Member

    Mainland China
    They have too much difference, although they are all called English.

    Please excuse me that I can't show you each item of difference because they are different in many ways, not only in accent and spelling, but also in grammar and custom.

    A typical example is the verb ending of the past simple, the present perfect, and the present progressive.

    in BrE: travel-travelled-travelling

    but NAmE: travel-traveled-traveling

    The rule is: When the verb ends in -l it is doubled in BrE even if the vowel is not stressed.

    Here I just show you an example. For more information I strongly suggest you to take some time on the dictionary.
  8. Copyright

    Copyright Senior Member

    American English
    To quote panjandrum in another AE/BE thread of five years ago, which still holds true today:

    Your question is much too general for this forum.
    Try using internet searches as suzi has suggested.
    Try searching this forum for AE and BE (these are the normal short forms we use for American English and British English).

    If, after all that research, you have some specific questions you would like to ask here, please feel free - we always enjoy a new insight into the differences:D

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