what is the different between Lo, La, Los, Las & Le, Les

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    what is the different between Lo, La, Los, Las & Le, Les
    Lo, La, Los, Las i know they are direct pronoun & Le, Les are indierct prounouns but it's difficulte to undrestand when they use it and when both ....
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    This is a complex issue, for several reasons:

    1. Languages like English do not distinguish between direct and indirect objects, so the distinction may not be intuitive for foreign speakers. Still, one can make a good correspondence between:

    direct object and the accusative case;
    indirect object and the dative case.

    This may be a good starting point since you speak Arabic.

    2. In Spanish, other factors sometimes influence the use of these pronouns. For example, in some cases le is used instead of lo simply for politeness.

    3. Usage of these pronouns can vary between different dialects of Spanish.

    You will find many threads in this forum that discuss pronoun use. Use the search function to look for them.
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    As noted by Outsider, in different parts of the Spanish speaking world, some people use "lo" (and "la" and "los" and "las") differently. "Lo" is used in some regions to refer only to things, not people, and "le" is used with people even when the people are the direct objects. Le veo. I see him/her/you. I believe this is considered standard in Penisnsular Spanish but not in Latinoamerican Spanish.
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