what is the grammar that using in: arbanın içinde - evin arkasında

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khallad kamal

New Member
Hello everyone

Simply I asked you to tell me that
what is the grammar that using in these sentences: arbanın içinde - evin arkasında

is that: Belirtili İsim Tamlaması
For example:
Araba n in - iç i n de
if I am right what is the n in green color?


the grammar that uses in: evin arkasında, is Belirtili İsim Tamlaması ?

Thank you in advance
  • Rallino

    Hello Kamal,

    The n in green colour is there because of a rule.

    The rule is:
    -> if a word has the tamlanan suffix -(s)i, -(s)i, -(s)u, -(s)ü,
    in addition to that, if it has a case ending, (marked by 'Ek' in your table), then you have to add an "n" to separate them.

    Arabanın içi-de is incorrect. You need to add the green n in between: arabanın içi-n-de.

    That's just a rule you need to memorize.
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