What is the meaning of 'escalation point'

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Hi all,
I have recently heard the expression 'escalation points' and was wondering what it meant and how to use it.

A little bit of context first ;) [you can of course skip to the nex paragraph to jump right to the 'quote' from which I heard the expression]
So, my division (of the company that I'm working for) has recently been having alot of people leaving (some of whom held key positions), new ones coming and alot of traffic all over. As a result, our division was in need of order. For a while, the responsibilies of some of the Key positions which are now unoccupied, have been delegated among other positions so that thing could still run smoothly.. like responding to clients, making reports ect. But in the past moths we have had a bunch of people coming over from other divisions to help us sort things out. There was one female person among them whose only job was to asses the 'damage' and come up with basically a plan in order to restore/reorganize teams, dudies and such..

In one of the meetings she opened with something down the lines of : "... So I have gathered you all here to tell you a little bit about what I've been doing, some of the escelation points and where do we go from here..."

I've read some explanations about the expression but didn't really understand.
Does "escalation point" equal to "plan of action" (in order to fix something) ?
Plus, does one build, plan, make an escalation point? What's the right word?
And lastly, while looking for an explanation, I also came across other expressions like "escalation process" and "escalation plan". Do they all mean the same?

Have a great day!
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    In this context, escalation refers to the process of involving or informing a higher level of management when dealing with an issue which would usually be dealt with at a lower level, but is important or sensitive in some way. For example the manager of a store does not usually inform his manager of individual sales, but he might do if someone placed a particularly large order, or if the customer was unusually important (the White House, say).
    Escalation points here means points which have been escalated. Usually these will be problems which can’t be fixed at the lower level and the manager has asked for help.
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