What is the medical term for belly button?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by KateNicole, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. KateNicole Senior Member

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    Nothing comes to mind, but I'm sure something a little more scientific exists.
  2. Eugin

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  3. KateNicole Senior Member

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    I suppose! I'm not sure what my options are :)
  4. chatterer New Member

  5. Nunty

    Nunty Modified

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    Former nurse confirms umbilicus as the medical term.
    Belly button is a very informal, even childlike, term.
    Navel is somewhere in between.
  6. jillaroo New Member

    English - Australia
    The medical term is 'umbilicus' :)
  7. canadian45 Banned

    Canadian English
    Yes, 'navel' is not a medical term.
  8. Smauler Senior Member

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    Medical terms are difficult. Generally people use "stomach" for all of their abdomen. When professionals use "belly" or "tummy", it can sound patronising, but "stomach" has an absolute specific meaning which excludes everything but the stomach.

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