What is the opposite of "on a personal level"?


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Hello. I am wondering what the opposite of "on a personal level" is.

Context: imagine there is a woman called Mary. She is a firm believer in animal rights. She is also fat. She has an enemy, Mark. Mark has done two things that made Mary really hate him: 1. he called her fat; 2. he does not believe in animal rights and he encourages other people to abuse animals.

Now, we can say that Mary hates Mark on two levels: on a personal level (for calling her fat), and 2. on a _____ level (referring to the animal thing). I want to know how to express it correctly. The only thing I can think of is "on an official level" but it feels inadequate to me. So please help me, thanks.
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    I have no suggestion for this example. But I do not think it is a good example for "on a personal level".

    That phrase is usually used when there is more than one way to judge (evaluate) a thing. The person doing the evaluation has a job to do: they are acting on behalf of a company, or a school, or a church, or a government office. So one way to evaluate the thing (the plan, the purchase, the person's actions) is in accordance with the interests and rules of the company, school, or office. But they may have personal opinions and ideas too, which are different. For example:

    Susan, as your boss I must officially reprimand you for your actions today. You have broken the rules. This reprimand goes in your records, and may affect your next promotion.

    On a personal level, I admire you for standing up for what you believe is right. I respect your integrity. I hope you have a long and happy career at this company.
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