What is the phrase "put someone in charge" mean?


I read a conversation:
(Only quotation)
Father: Time to eat! Daughter: Coming. Oh, I'm starving. [Good, good]!Oh, yuck! What's that?

Father: Ah, now don't complain!

Daughter: But what is it, and where is mom?

Father: Now, mom put me in charge of dinner because she's not feeling well tonight.

First, I want to know the meaning of phrase "put me in charge" in that context mean.
Second, if that phrase has other meaning, please show me.
Thanks in advance.
Quotation source: http://www.esl-lab.com/cook/cooksc1.htm
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    To be in charge is to command, to give orders.

    To put in charge is to give somebody the authority to be in charge.