What is two more than 3 times a certain number x?

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by belfagor71, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. belfagor71 Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Hi everyone!

    I am studying for the GMAT and I am going through the algebra section.
    As if the algebra was not difficult itself :)mad:), some trouble with translation come up too!

    How would you translate it?
    A che cosa è uguale 2 più 3 per un certo numero x?

    Really, I'll don't have any idea of it!:confused::(

    ..I'll be waiting for your help!

  2. renminds

    renminds Senior Member

    Puglia - Italy
    Italian - Italy
    Hi, Belfagor71!

    If it had been "più", wouldn't it have been "plus"?

    Maybe "two more than 3..." means "due volte più grande di 3...".

    I'm curious. :) Let's see what native speakers say.

  3. Einstein

    Einstein Senior Member

    Milano, Italia
    UK, English
    The answer is 3x + 2. Maybe this can help you to formulate the question.

  4. Angel.Aura

    Angel.Aura del Mod, solo L'aura

    Roma, Italia
    Ciao belfagor,

    Credo che tu abbia capito il senso.
    Io ho pensato anche a :
    "Quanto fa 2 più 3 volte un numero x?"
    "Quanto fa 2 più x moltiplicato per 3?"

    Ma non sono sicura se sia esatto.

    Edit: scusate tutti per la risposta tardiva :)
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  5. Einstein

    Einstein Senior Member

    Milano, Italia
    UK, English
    3 times x = 3x
    2 more than this is 3x + 2.

    I must say that the question is ambiguous:
    Two more than (three times x) = 3x + 2
    (Two more than three) times x = 5x
  6. belfagor71 Senior Member

    Italy, Italian

    AngelAura ed Einstein hanno ragione!
    Andando avanti ho capito che loro intendono quanto fa 2 + 3x?
    Ovvero, 2+ 3 moltiplicato x?

    Grazie mille!

    Ora il gmat sarà più accessibile:D!


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