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  1. el_manes Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Good moring
    I need to say"así se ve" referring to a picture of a gadget that I am describing... Now should I say :

    that is what it looks like... or
    that is how it looks like...

    Could anyone please explain me the differences between those 2 phrases?
    thank you.
  2. sound shift

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    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    Good afternoon,

    The difference is that the first is correct, while the second is not.

    "That is what it looks like." :tick:
    "That is how it looks like." :cross:
  3. Dario de Kansas

    Dario de Kansas Senior Member

    Kansas, USA
    American English
    You could either say, "that's what it looks like," or "that's how it looks."

  4. Quilly Senior Member

    English - USA
    The verbs in the two sentences are different. I will try to explain.

    OK: This is what it looks like. what (= lo que) = the object of the verb looks like (to look like = to resemble).

    OK: This is how it looks. how is an adverb modifying the verb looks (to look = to appear in this context)

    NOT OK: This is how it looks like. This is not gramatically correct.
    It can look like a thing.
    It can look a certain way.

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