What karate belt are you?

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  1. KennyHun Senior Member

    Budapest, Hungary

    C'est une question qui va un peu dans les deux sens.

    Est-ce qu'on dirait : Quelle ceinture de karaté es-tu ? ou Quelle ceinture avez-vous en karaté ? ou éventullement Quelle ceinture es-tu en karaté ?
    (Et idem en anglais : What karate belt are you? mais peut-être aussi What belt do you have in karate?)

  2. Gérard Napalinex

    Gérard Napalinex Senior Member

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    Ma préférée
  3. CarlosRapido

    CarlosRapido Senior Member

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    Bon, du mauvais anglais traduit en mauvais français...
    Which karate belt do you have? >> Quelle ceinture de karaté as-tu?
  4. Maîtreaupôle Senior Member

    anglais "Canada"
    - what (karate) belt are you?
    - what (karate) belt do you hold?
    - what level belt are you?
    - what level belt do you hold?
    - which karate belt do you have?

    I don't know how any of the above would sit with a karate expert. Perhaps, he or she would prefer to formulate the question differently. I also don't know what an English teacher would say about the most appropriate formal way of expressing the question. Certainly, they are all acceptable in informal speech so far as I am aware. It's a personal judgment, I suppose, but I can't see why any of them would be considered bad English. (I don't know - am I setting the bar too low?)
  5. KennyHun Senior Member

    Budapest, Hungary
    As I have stated in another thread, I am of the opinion that anything natives say is correct (putting aside slips of the tongue and things mumbled half asleep and such). The rest is a matter of register, pragmatics and situational circumstances.

    With that being said, CarlosRapido, I thought the usual phrasing for when it's an affirmative sentence would be: (par exemple) je suis ceinture noire de karaté ? But I would obviously understand if the sentence changed when turned into a question, I'm just not sure that's the case here (?)
  6. Gérard Napalinex

    Gérard Napalinex Senior Member

    Lyon, France
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    Right you are, this is how everyone speaks - no "mauvais français", only "le français comme on le parle" :)
  7. snarkhunter

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    Effectivement, le niveau atteint par un sportif est généralement exprimé comme un attribut. C'est en tout cas vrai pour de nombreux sports.

    Dans les arts martiaux, on "est" donc telle ceinture, comme on "est" n-ième dan, etc.

    A l'époque (lointaine) où je pratiquais le tennis de table, un joueur classé pouvait ainsi "être" (... 50, etc). C'est vrai aussi pour le tennis, par exemple.
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  8. Saints22

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    Mauritius c'est un plaisir
    French & English
    Hi everyone, I suggest:

    Quelle est votre ceinture en Karaté?

    Quelle est ta ceinture en Karaté?
  9. Chat Perché

    Chat Perché Senior Member

    Northern France
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    Bonjour à tous,
    On entend également 'T'es quelle ceinture (en karaté) ?'- ce qui rejoint plusieurs propositions de ce fil, et fait partie du vécu car je connais un karatéka ;)

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