what kind<s> of car<s>


Hello, could you explain to me the differences among these sentences :

What kinds of car can you drive?

What kind of cars can you drive?

What kinds of cars can you drive?

I can understand the 2nd and the 3rd one but the 1st one I cannot explain if it is right or wrong.

Thank you so much !
  • abluter

    Senior Member
    British English
    I don't think there's any significant difference between (not among) these expressions. I would incline towards the first, though.

    Keith Bradford

    Senior Member
    English (Midlands UK)
    Go for no.1 or no.3. No.2 seems illogical to me: all three questions seem to presuppose that the person has a licence for more than one kind of car, so asking about it in the singular would be odd.