What makes it acute with Obama


Does "What makes it acute with Obama" mean "What makes it a serious question/problem for Obama"?

Thanks in advance

What makes it acute with Obama is that he started his presidency with such a soaring idealism about a world without nuclear weapons, and ended it approving a massive arms spending program. I will say, my reading of history suggests this “arc” is fairly common: it is easy to be an idealist when you don’t yet have the responsibilities of the real world, and many of them end up becoming near the opposite of what they intended to be, once they are in positions of power and influence.

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    The "it" at the start there must refer back to something already mentioned, so I'd say your quotation needs to start earlier so that we can work out what "it" is.


    Well, here it is. It refers to back to the modernization of nuclear arsenal of the US.

    I would just also say: Obama didn’t really “begin” the modernization, these questions have been in the works since at least the second Bush administration, arguably earlier. They are a direct consequence of the end of the Cold War and the relative halting of development in the arms race. Any President several decades after the Cold War ended was going to get saddled with this question. What makes it acute with Obama...
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