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  1. joh2001smile Senior Member

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    I found a sentence when I am reading the Notes in a book about return on customer. what does the PP mean? Does it mean Page? why is the double p used instead of a single p?

    Andrews, Katherine Zoe, “Optimizing Customer Value and Resource Allocation,” Insights from MSI, pp. 1,2, Winter 2003-4.
  2. roxcyn

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    Yes, it means "pages". I think it goes back to Latin, when they use an abbreviation they use two letters, so that is why it is "pp".

    Also if you cite sources in APA or MLA format, they require you to write "pp" for "pages". If you would like to learn more about their formats just search on google.com for APA format or MLA format.
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    Many thanks to roxcyn.
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    I agree. 'pp' means pages; a single 'p' means page.

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