What rubbish!

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    vidya said:
    Est-ce qu'il y a un mot qu'on peut utiliser dans l'écriture.

    Merci d'avance
    what rubbish makes no sense

    is it:
    "What? Rubbish!!"
    "what a rubbish"


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    No, "What rubbish!" can make sense.

    For example,

    A man named Edward could be on his way to a rock concert. When he gets there, he realizes the music is terrible. It was lower than his expectations, so he declares: "What rubbish!"

    Another example:

    I go to a restaurant. I expect fine steak. Instead they bring out a wet sock on a plate. I declare, "What rubbish!"

    It's an exclamatory statement, and it can make sense.
    "Rubbish" is a term used specifically in the UK, whereas in the United States, instead of "rubbish", I would say "junk", "garbage", "crap".

    Hope that helps.


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    Yes I believe I did..
    I gave you plenty of words to use in writing.
    Is "What rubbish!" not good for you?
    What are you looking for?
    What do you want the character (or report, narrator, etc.) to say instead?
    Could you maybe rephrase the question in English?


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    I apologise for the confusion, I've heard "rubbish" alone along the context you've provided...

    "de la camelote"? Please wait for natives' confirmation


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    Oh, a French word.

    I see.

    Have you tried using the phrase: "Quels déchets!" yet?
    Perhaps "Quelles ordures!" might work for you.

    Sorry I didn't understand the first time around.

    EDIT: yes, wait for a native's opinion. I'm one of the last person to ask about French, but one of the first on English :)


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    UK, English
    It depends on what you mean, though. "What rubbish!" can mean "What poor quality this stuff is" or "What a bunch of lies". It would help to know the context so we know which way to translate it.


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    French / France
    In a text ?
    I would try "c'est bon à mettre à la poubelle!" or "c'est bon à jeter (aux ordures)!"
    or, humorous : " ça ne vaut même pas la poubelle où je vais le jeter de ce pas!!!":D
    Hope it helps


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    French living in Spain
    I's say "Quelle merde!" (even if it's a bit vulgar, it's the most common expression for it)
    (or "Quelle nullité!" but that would apply to the concert but not to the steak....)


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    Français France
    Yeah i agree with Fred-erique !
    To speak about the steak it would be something like : "c'est dégueux !" (as it is slang i'm not sure about the spelling though !) and to speak about the concert, it would be more like "c'est nul !!", "c'est pourri !!". You can also add "trop" in the middle of the sentence if you really want to sound young ;) ! "C'est trop nul" ! "C'est trop pourri !!"

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