What should I wear on my first day?

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What should I wear on my first day? <-----Topic added to post by moderator (Florentia52)----->

How i can ask to coordinator, what should i wear on my first day in internship?

are there specific mode for asking it?

thanks in advance
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    "What should I wear on my first day?" is not a suitable question to ask the company you are doing the internship with.

    That question would be more suitable when asking for a friend's opinion.


    Do you have a dress code?

    Should I wear a suit, or jacket and tie?
    (I assume "frank" is male.)

    Un Corbeau

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    It's linguistically very natural, and it's better to be safe than sorry in a new position.


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    "What should I wear" could be answered in so many different ways - many of them irrelevant to the context.

    The essence of the stated context is asking what the employer's policy is about level of formality of dress.

    And why "on my first day"? Don't other days matter too?

    If the employer's dress requirements involve the internee going out shopping, they need to know ahead of time.


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    It would certainly work for me in the context of a child starting school and being anxious to appear suitably dressed for the occasion. :)

    But it's an odd way to ask your employer if they have a dress code, which I suspect is the OP's underlying reason for wanting to know this. A good employer would have given you useful information such as this beforehand, but assuming that in this case they haven't, then "Do you have a dress code/Is there a dress code?" would be a reasonable way to ask.

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    I'm not saying that asking about the dress code is wrong, because the suggestion is good. However, there is a difference between a "dress code", and what is typically worn at a particular workplace. Where I work, if you ask about a dress code, you'd get a list of a half-dozen things that are forbidden (ripped or dirty clothes, shirts with objectionable content, revealing clothing, etc.). But that wouldn't help you understand if you should wear a suit, or golf shirt and khakis; a business-type skirt or capris.

    I really can't see anyone, apart from the insufferable grammar pedants found here (self included) who would hear "what should I wear on my first day" to mean "I only want to know what to wear on my first day, and no other time after that". :p
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