What size <hat / hats> do you wear? [singular / plural]


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I have made up the sentences below.

(1a) What size hats do you wear?
(1b) What size hat do you wear?

(2a) What style of a hat do you like?
(2b) What style of hats do you like?
(2c) What style of hat do you like?

My non-native English speaking friends think (2c) is the only one that is wrong because only words like "type of hat, kind of hat, and sort of hat" don't require "a" after the "of". I am not sure which sentences are correct. Please help me. Thanks.
  • cidertree

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    (2c) is correct, as is (1b), (2a) - more or less - and (2b). (1a) in very specific circumstances.

    Could you try stating that 'rule' - don't require "a" after the "of" - in other words, please. I'm not quite sure what you're asking.