What tense to use when talking about a deceased person

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to understand if it is correct to use past perfect tense or simple past tense when talking about a deceased person.

More specifically, should I say:

We went through many things together.


We had gone through many things together.

Many thanks!
  • Edinburgher

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    In the absence of some specific intervening event
    I gather that the implied specific intervening event is that person's death. :)
    However, it's not the right kind of intervening event to justify the past perfect. I think I would go for the present perfect, but with a different verb: We have been through many things together.


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    When he died, I felt completely lost. After all that we had been through, the loss was unbearable. --> here the intervening event is the person's death, so the past perfect works.

    Edit: Ed posted while I was thinking of somehow elaborating on it... :)
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