what tenses are used to decribe the extinct animals

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    Either tense is possible, lingkky. I probably see the simple past used more often in talk about dinosaurs. However, the present is possible, particularly in remarks about features found in skeletons and other fossils.

    Keith Bradford

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    I think that it would help everyone if we used the past tense here.

    I know that there's an argument for the present in matters of eternal scientific truths, but let's not make life any more complicated than necessary. There are already fundamentalists who don't even recognise dinosaurs!


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    Past tenses are also used for someone who has passed away?

    My grandfather has passed away.He was a kind man.He had ten children including my father.


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    Yes, the past tense is used for people and animals who passed away.

    Keith Bradford explains an exception: We may use the present tense for 'eternal truths' about extinct animals, but that is not necessary and sometimes confusing.

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