what they are lacking

Discussion in 'Català (Catalan)' started by debillot, May 7, 2013.

  1. debillot Senior Member

    It is precisely the spirit that the big football teams are lacking.

    Could I say

    És precisament l'esperit que els grans equips es mancan?
  2. ernest_

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    No, you can't say that. The verb 'mancar' works a little differently than 'to lack', so it can be confusing. The subject is the thing that is lacking, and the indirect object is who lacks the thing. Here, you are using the reflexive pronoun 'es', but this verb can't be used in a reflexive manner because it's intransitive. Instead you can say

    És precisament l'esperit que manca als grans equips. [L'esperit (subject) manca (verb) als grans equips (indirect object)]

    Also, you can use 'faltar' or 'no tenir' ('mancar' is ok, but is somewhat rare these days):

    És precisament l'esperit que falta als grans equips.
    És precisament l'esperit que els grans equips no tenen.

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