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    Hello everyone,

    I'm at a loss trying to finish this sentence.

    "Cependant, on ne peut pas s’empêcher de questionner pourquoi le débat ne se concentre sur l’éthique de cette pratique : y a-t-il besoin de lui fixer limites et, si c'est le cas, quelles..."

    It's a composition in French so I don't have a perfect sentence in English but I'm trying to say something like:

    Yet, one can't help but wonder why the debate doesn't centre on the ethics of this practice : is there a need to put limits on it and, if so, what should these limits be.

    It doesn't quite feel right to finish on "quelles" but I can't think how better to word it.
    Perhaps "quelles devraient sont" but that sounds very literal to me.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. lilison Senior Member

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    si c'est le cas, lesquelles?
  3. angel666

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    Parfait! Merci beaucoup, Lilison.

  4. Manwell Member

    et j'ajouterai qu'il faut dire: "Y a-t-il besoin de lui fixer DES limites"

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