What to use: in respect to, with respect to, in regard to, regarding?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by arly, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. arly Member

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    Hi. Is there a "rule" of some sort to use:

    "in regard to", "in respect to", "with respect to"?

    Here's the phrase:

    Multiple metrics were selected to assess their C# and Cpp implementations with respect to their coupling, cohesion and size.

    What should I use?

  2. owlman5

    owlman5 Senior Member

    I would say that "in regard to" and "with respect to" mean the same thing. "In respect to", however, doesn't sound idiomatic to me. You can often replace these longer prepositional phrases with shorter words like "regarding" and "about" Here are some examples:
    In regard to/regarding your last report, I wanted to say that it was very good.
    I want to talk to you in regard to/about your last report.
    They were selected to assess their implementations with respect to/regarding their coupling, cohesion, and size.
  3. ApprendreComprendre Member

    Hi all,

    What is the difference between these two expressions?

    Thanks you very much.

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