what welding techniques will be used <depends / will depend> on weather conditions


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I took part in a highly competitive English competition. I've seen the answer key but I still can't understand one of the answers.

" The decisions will have to be made on the spot.
For instance, what welding techniques
______________ on the weather conditions and the available equipment. "
A/ will be used depends B/ will be used will depend

C/ are used will depend D/ will have been used depends

The answer suggested is answer B(I chose A). I've never seen a conditional inluding future+future, and always have been taught that there is no such option.
I would be grateful if you could help me :)
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    I don't think it is a conditional. It's a statement of fact about the future.
    The weather conditions will determine what welding techniques will be used.
    I would accept Blippo's version as well because the first future reference establishes a time frame for the second time reference to be "present" in.
    The weather conditions will determine what welding techniques are used (in that future time).


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    Welcome to the forum, Krybro. :)

    I would have chosen (A) or (C). I agree that (B) is a poor choice; it can't be called "wrong" (it doesn't violate any rules of grammar), but I think it sounds quite awkward.

    I wonder if this test was written by a native speaker of English.


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    Thanks for the answers :)

    This test is always written by the Polish. Unfortunately, you are usually told to choose "the best" option, which naturally means that there are probably more than one answers correct and as a result I really need your help to understand such nuances :) That's great to know that even native speakers choose "the wrong" answer in this example.
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    While I agree with Blippo and Myridon that "are used / will depend" would be okay in speech or informal writing, I agree with the test that "will be used / will depend" is the most formally correct answer. This is for the reason Myridon gives: it is a statement about two things that will happen in the future.

    On the other hand, answer (b) does read a bit awkwardly. If I were writing, I would have said, "What welding techniques are to be used will depend on the weather."
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