whatever flimsy pretence of health

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Could you please help me understand what the phrases in bold mean? This is a newspaper article about New Year resolutions and person's willpower in general.
They do very well at this time of year, people like that (people with strong willpower - nondatur), because they give up smoking or take up paragliding. And they don't just do it for a day – they manage it. New Year's resolutions aren't for everybody, you know, so consider which camp you're in before you start beating yourself over the head with whatever flimsy pretence of health you're trying to embark upon this January.
I am not like those willpower people. The only resolve currently eddying around my system is the hangover- curing antacid of the same name.

A. Could you please explain the meaning of the first phrase in other, simplier grammatical constructions ?
B. What are the meanings of the words resolve and hangover in this context?
Thank you so much!
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