whatever he needed to

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  1. debillot Senior Member

    If I wanted to say

    He was willing to do whatever needed to in order to return to Barcelona.

    Is there any way of saying the following whilst incorporating the subjunctive?

    estava disposat a fer el necessari per tal de tornar a Barcelona
  2. Cento Senior Member

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    I am not sure I understand you. Do you want to use subjunctive? Whose verb?

    Any way, what follows has the same meaning.

    Estava disposat a fer (tot) el que calgués per tal de tornar a Barcelona.

    "calgués" is subjunctive of "caldre" that means "to be necessary".
  3. Elessar

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    Estava disposat a fer el que fos per tornar a Barcelona.

    fos = 3rd person singular, past subjunctive, verb to be

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