Whatever; including, but not limited to,

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English, USA
How could this sentence be formed:

"Feel free to bring whatever you would like to eat and drink, including, but not limited to, soda, chips, and candy."

As for another use of whatever, how would you say, "Whatever" in reponse to something in the same way we do in English, i.e.

1:"That's stupid."
2: "Whatever" (dismissively, irately)


1. "What would you like to do?"
2. "Eh, whatever." (open to suggestions/indifferent)
  • ayed

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    خذا راحتك واحضر معك ما تود أكله وشربه بما في ذلك الصودا ، وشرائح البطاطس ، والحلوى لا للحصر
    Not limited to : means you may bring other than soda , chips and candy ..more food or drink
    1. مهما كان
    2.أي شيء
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