Whatever / it doesn't matter


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Hi, if you are asked about your preference, like when a delivery worker is helping to load some packages in the boot of your car, he asked "where do you want me put the package (in the boot)",

and the boot is actually empty and have more than enough space so you dont really have any preference, how do you tell him its fine and you dont care, as long as he is loading in the boot its all good?

1) I dont care (Sounds very rude)
2) It's fine (Not answering the question directly?)
3) Doesnt matter (Seems unnatural)

Any suggestion? Have been confused for a long time on how to express this meaning accurately. Thank you so much for your help.
  • Henrytodevonport

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    Anywhere. I don’t mind.

    How about this:
    When you go to a restaurant, the waiter ask you what sauce you prefer with choice provided: Like sauce A, B ,C, D, but this is a new dish you haven't tried before, and you dont really have any preference, could you say:

    Any sauce is fine. I dont mind