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    Standard American English
    "Whatever it takes" means imperative to reach a necessary condition. Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential election used this expression emphatically: on the subject of defense spending, his opponent Jimmy Carter stated that he will propose a five percent increase in defense spending, but Reagan stated that he will push for "whatever it takes" to exceed the military strength of the Soviets. Here are some more examples.

    1. The first McDonald's opens on Pushkinskaya Street in the winter of 1990. When faced with the daunting prospect of serving over 30,000 people on opening day, the manager tells his workers to do "whatever it takes" to serve all 30,000 of them, even if it means staying open a few hours after the posted closing time. (This, by the way, actually happened on opening day, as all 30,000 people were served that day.)
    2. A platoon of soldiers are ordered to do "whatever it takes" to capture a heavily-fortified enemy hill, even if it means they may all be killed.
    3. A student needing to pass a class to graduate tells his colleagues that he will do whatever it takes to pass.

    Как сказать по-русски?
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    Во что бы то ни стало; чего бы (кому-либо) это ни стоило.
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    ЛюбОй ценОй

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