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Hi there,

if someone tells you "You don't need to do this, Marc is gonna do that" and you says "Whatever", is that a rude answer?
I thought that whatever could be used to imply that you're fine with that decision and there's no problem, but now my doubt is that it may sounds as you don't care.

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    For me, it is almost always dismissive ... whether it is rude depends on context and tone. (Keep in mind, "dismissive" is pretty rude already.)

    If you want Whatever to be polite, you'll need to expand it: Whatever you like, dear. :)


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    I can understand why you used 'whatever' to say you agreed, but 'whatever' used by itself does sound rude.
    See the discussion in this thread: What ever & whatever

    It's difficult to think of a response using whatever that no one could misunderstand. I think that it's better to explain that there is no problem or that you are <fine> with it using those words.

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    Thank you Copyright and Cagey for helping.
    Now I better understand the use of whatever, next time I'd rather say as suggested "I'm fine", "all right" or something like that :)
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