What's our 'takeaway' from the story?


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I hear #1 below has almost the same meaning as #2.
1. What's our takeaway from the story?

2. What's the moral of the story?
Do you agree?
I cannot find the suitable definition of “takeaway” for this in dictionaries at hand.
  • cuchuflete

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    Greetings 8769,

    I haven't heard takeaway used this way. I do see sentences like this:

    What do you take away from the story?

    It means, "What meaning or message do you find in the story?"


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    I've never heard sentence 1 before.
    I have heard this, however:
    "What's your take on the story?"
    It means: What did you get out of hearing/reading the story. What did it mean to you? What are your thoughts? etc.

    The best synonym I can think of is "opinion," in this case. What is your opinion of the story?

    Hope this helps.
    ("Takeaway" means something completely different.)

    EDIT: cuchuflete's sentence is also common.


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    I think it can refer to what you infer from the story, what you lern throut it. Do you get my point?
    I also agree with cuchuflete
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