What's relation between The two Semitic words (kus and kis)?

In some Arabian dialects said to vagina is kus ... 😉" kis" is bag used to save seeds and other .
Are there relation between them from etymological roots or just verbal similarity ?.
  • fenakhay

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    Arabic (Morocco) / French (France)
    They are not related. كيس (kīs | bag) and كس (kuss, kiss | vagina). The first one is from Aramaic and found in Hebrew, Syriac and Akkadian as well. The latter is borrowed from Persian كس (kos), from proto-Indo-European.

    Ali Smith

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    I doubt the root letters are k-n-s because in the oldest attested Semitic language, Akkadian, the root letter "n" does not appear: 𒋢𒃻𒉌𒌓 (kīsum).


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    It would also be interesting to know if Greek kystis also found in English cystic and cyst is also related...?
    Is kus related with Armenian կոյս guys (virgin girl)?
    Probably an Iranian borrowing, but the details are uncertain. Likely from the family of Persian کس‎ (kos, “pussy”). Alternatively, from the family of Classical Persian کوسه‎ (kōsa, “man with little or no beard”).


    1. virgin, maiden, unmarried girl
      կոյս դեռահասակkoys deṙahasak ― young virgin, girl, maid
    2. (Christianity) the Holy Virgin
    3. (astronomy) Virgo