What's the accurate translation of "το σ' αγαπώ μπορεί"?

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by Timneh, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Timneh New Member

    I tried translating "το σ' αγαπώ μπορεί" using Google translate and I got "the love you can" but I'm unsure if it's accurate. Thanks everyone. :)
  2. Perseas Senior Member

    Is this a phrase of a text? If not, could you write a sentence containing that phrase, in order to understand to what it refers?
  3. Timneh New Member

    It's the title of a song by Greek singer Dimitra Galani

    here is is a part of the lyrics:

    Τι θες ν' ακούσω πια
    τώρα που καμιά,καμιά συγγνώμη δε φτάνει
    το σ' αγαπώ μπορεί, μόνο αυτό μπορεί
    μες στην καρδιά να μπει να τη ζεστάνει
  4. Perseas Senior Member

    Now is everything clear. I found the translation of the song here.
    The part you 're interested is in bold.

    What do you want me to hear?
    Apologizing is not enough anymore!
    The phrase "I love you" is able, just this is able
    to get in my heart and make it warmer!

  5. Timneh New Member

    Thank you for the link. I appreciate it :)

    In your opinion, if I want to put it in a less formal way without affecting the meaning, is it acceptable to say: "I love you" can or "I love you" can do it.

    I mean, since it's the title of a song I'd like it to stand on its own.
  6. Perseas Senior Member

    In my opinion the second option sounds better, but let's wait for someone who has a better command in English than me. :)
  7. Timneh New Member

    Alright then :) Thank you very much for your help Perseas. Much appreciated! <3
  8. cougr Senior Member

    I'd go with your first example perhaps prefaced by an "an".
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  9. Timneh New Member

    Alright. Thank you :)

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