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What's the colloquial term for dirt and dead skin on body?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by EdisonBhola, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. EdisonBhola Senior Member

    Say you don't take showers for days. Then you lightly rub your skin and some dirt mixed with dead skin cells come off. Is there a colloquial term for that mixture of skin rubbish?
  2. Bevj

    Bevj Allegra Moderata

    Girona, Spain
    English (U.K.)
    'Grime', perhaps.
  3. EdisonBhola Senior Member

    How about "body mud" or "body dirt"?
  4. AquisM Senior Member

    Hong Kong
    Body mud would sound to me like some sort of beauty mud that you put on your body or skin. Body dirt would simply not be understood. I think grime is the best option.
  5. RM1(SS)

    RM1(SS) Senior Member

    English - US (Midwest)
    "Grime," or just plain "dirt."

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