what's the craic?

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Hi all,

I have heart recently this sentence: "what´s the craic"? I assume it is just a way to say 'hello' or start a conversation. But I wanted to know if it´s the same for example as "what's the story"? or means something else?

thank u!
  • agapimu

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    Hi everyone,

    Today an Irish man explained me what it's the meaning of the expresion (In ireland) "any craic?" which the Irish people often use. It's the same that "any news?". When you have some good news they use another expression for anwering which is "the craic is ninety".


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    Hi, I heard in Ireland the setence: what's the fucking craic? and meant to say: dónde está la jodida fiesta:diversión?.

    I hope it helps.


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    hola, yo diria que "what's the craic?" es como "qué onda?" o "qué hay?" pero tmb se usa como, "it's good craic"- es/hay buen rollo.
    agapimu dijo "the craic is ninety" yo pienso q quiso decir "the craic is mighty"
    espero q te auyde.


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    I just discovered this term--haven't been to Ireland yet--but judging by the comments, it sounds like a rough equivalent of the word "onda" in Mexican slang.

    "Onda", or the more vulgar version "pedo", can be used in most of those contexts...

    "que onda?"
    "la onda esta que..."
    "le tiene onda..."

    Also sounds roughly equivalent to "vaina" in Central American slang.
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