What's the highest romantic compliment in Tagalog?

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  1. tagalogstudent Member

    In Spanish, "simpactico" is the single highest compliment you can pay a regular friend.

    I'm looking for something beyond "nobya," "syota," [...]
    What kind of name of affection should I address her in the second person [unnecessary details snipped. Frank, moderator]
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    "irog" is worth more than calling her your "darling". It's like calling her "my tender affection" or "my one true love", but I think nowadays, lovers just call each other, lab, switheart, or darling.

    kasintahan or nobya are nouns, and thus can't be used as a name of affection to address a loved one. Nobya or kasintahan are both used to mean, girlfriend, fiancee or sweetheart. Nobyo means boyfriend.

    syota is a Tagalog slang for sweetheart, girlfriend or boyfriend. Few knows its etymology, syota being derived from short time. I was actually in my freshmen year in college when I learned about that. I took Filipino courses 1 and 2 in college.
  3. jkris New Member

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    ikaw ay ang aking mahal,


    maganda ka
  4. tagalogstudent Member

    As I put "ikaw ay ang aking mahal" into translate.google.com, I get "you my dear."

    So, is "dear" the highest level of romantic hierarchy in the Philippines?

    Like, here in America, the hierarchy is:

    Friend w/ benefits
    soul mate.

    Where does "dear" fit in that hierarchy?
  5. jkris New Member

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    "ikaw ay ang aking mahal" means "you are my love"

    mahal means love i am pretty sure.
  6. romelako Member

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    Mahal can mean "love" or something that's expensive.

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