What's up? - Qué pasa

  • What's up with you?
  • Baby your fine!
  • Just too cute
  • Spoiled and you know it
  • Mama's little man
  • Precious (which by the way is my baby daughter's name)
  • Christopher (my baby son)
I thought it would be cute to have the text on their pics or the description in spanish. Give them a chance to learn a little spanish.
  • What's up with you? ---> Qué pasa contigo?
    Baby your fine! ---> Nena, estás bien!!!!!!!!!
    Just too cute ---> Simplemente demasiado lindo
    Spoiled and you know it ----> Consentida(o) y lo sabes
    Mama's little man ---> El niñito de Mama
    Precious (which by the way is my baby daughter's name) ---> Preciosa
    Christopher (my baby son) ---> Cristobal
    im2hot4ya2 said:
    thanks for the help
    High Crissy,
    This is a non'commercial forum, so I won´t give you the links, but if you go to Google or another search engine, and type the name of a famous greeting card company, and the word ´tarjetas´, you will find a huge collection of sayings like the ones you wanted to translate!