What's your favorite subject?

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  1. x.natzy New Member

    how do you say what's your favourite subject?

  2. blinkgirl Senior Member

    Rosario - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    ¿Cuál es tu materia preferida?
  3. hollymisty89 Member

    English - England
    I'm not native but I would say '¿cuál es tu asignatura preferida?
  4. blinkgirl Senior Member

    Rosario - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    Yes, asignatura is correct. Here in Argentina we use "materia" for subject, but they mean the same.
  5. x.natzy New Member

    & when you reply to the question?
    e.g my favourite subject is maths?
  6. Roberto_Mendoza

    Roberto_Mendoza Senior Member

    Michoacán, México
    Spanish - México
    In México we would say ¿cuál es tu materia preferida, favorita?

    The answer, is "mi materia favorita es matemáticas". Cheers.
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  7. hollymisty89 Member

    English - England
    Ahh vale, es que he aprendido el espa ñol de Espa ña :)

    you would say: 'mi asignatura preferida son las matemáticas'
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  8. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
    Una corrección:
    "mi materia favorita es matemáticas"

    Aquí diríamos "Mi asignatura favorita son las matemáticas".
  9. x.natzy New Member


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