wheeling about, being a double (military)

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I've found in Liddell &Scott Greek-English Lexicon the following explanation for one of the meanings of "μεταβολή":

" as a military term, wheeling about, being a double "

. I wonder what exactly does it refer to in that context because I can't guess and I want to find a translation to Spanish. Thanks
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    When a formation "wheels about" it changes it's orientation to face a different direction.
    Similarly when you become a double (agent) you turn 180 degrees to support the other side.


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    This entry in Liddell-Scott is "5. as Military term, wheeling about, being a double κλίσις, ἡ εἰς τοὔπισθεν μ. Plb.18.30.4." (The reference is to Polybius, Historiae.)

    That is, "being a double" explains the term "wheeling about". The word itself means "change, changing", and our word "metabolism" is derived from it. It isn't completely clear, though, that a double in ancient Greece was a double agent.
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