wheeling on her

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If he sees more than one person, to run. But if he was seen by one person only, to kill him.”
“Stu, you didn’t!”
“Of course we did!” he said angrily, wheeling on her. “We’re not playing pat-a-cake here, Frannie! You must know what’s going to happen to him … or the Judge … or Dayna … if they get caught over there! Why else were you so set against the idea in the first place?”
Source: The Stand by Stephen King
Context: Stu is telling his partner Fran about his post-hypnotic suggestion with Tom.

What does wheeling on her mean?

I looked up the expression (wheel something out/on) as in: the old journalistic arguments have been wheel out (produce something that is unimpressive because it has been frequently seen or heard before).

But it does not seem to fit in this context.

Other words I looked up:
pat-a-cake: a children's game clapping hands to the words a rhyme.

Thank you.
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    He wants to make his point very strongly so he wheels (turns) and faces her. That way he can make eye contact and really emphasize his point. In casual conversation you might not be facing the person you're talking to as you're moving about in the room but, when it gets emotional, you want to look that person straight in the eye.
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