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Susan Su

Senior Member
Hi friend,
Here is a sentence as follow,
When I am sad when encountering setbacks in my career, mym mother will comfort me.

I am confused about whether it is natural because there are two "when" in a sentence. What is your opinion? Thank you.
  • lingobingo

    Senior Member
    English - England
    The sentence is viable, but a good writer would find a better way of saying it. There’s no need to use “when” twice.


    Senior Member
    English - Australia
    Actually, on reflection, "upset about setbacks" is a bit awkward too, because of the repetition of "set".


    Senior Member
    English - U.S.
    Also, if this is something she always does in that circumstance, then it's a habitual action in the present tense.

    When I am sad because of setbacks in my career, my mother comforts me.
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