when a monotone, bureaucratic vice president

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Pavel Pin

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Narrator says about Dick Cheney:

Narrator: So it's no surprise that when a monotone, bureaucratic vice president came to power, we hardly noticed......as he achieved a position of authority that very few leaders in the history of America ever have...Forever changing the course of history for millions and millions of lives. And he did it like a ghost, with most people having no idea who he is or where he came from.

What's the meaning of "monotone" in this context?
Source: Vice 2018
  • Xyz123456

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    English - United Kingdom
    It means "boring". Monotone can mean colourless, and colourless is a synonym for "boring".

    More specifically "only having one tone" (i.e one sound). Sometimes you meet someone whose voice has no variation- everything they say sounds the same. That's monotone.
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