-When did they start this great fitness website?

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I got asked to rewrite this using "was" while keeping the original meaning of the sentence.
I considered going with"When was this great fitness website started?"

Does it do the job? what sort of structure do you recommend me using instead?
  • bigheadlouis

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    While "started" works, as a software engineer, I'd say websites are, more often than not, created. At the bottom of some websites, you'll even see the text "Created on [date]."
    What about When was this fitness website set up?
    "Set up" could also work but I feel both "start" and "set up" have an underlying idea of existing for some purpose or audience. I could create a website full of photos of puppies and not share it with anyone. But maybe I'd start or set up (or create) a website for dog lovers or to bring awareness to something. :)

    The cub

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    But create is the creation itself, and in this case I guess the question is about the date the website is available to be visited, see what I mean?
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