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    Jess: Everybody could I have your attention please?
    I'd like to propose a toast to Harry and Sally. To Harry and Sally, if Marie or I had found either of them remotely attractive, we would not be here today. (Applause all around. Somehow the two faces aren't exactly smiling.)

    Is Jess complimenting on Harry&Sally's good looks or that they each might have get hitched with one another... Thx
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    I take it to be a subtle, good-natured insult. Jess is saying that neither of them were considered even remotely attractive by Jess and Marie. In other words, they were utterly unattractive to Jess and Marie.
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    Knowing the plot of the movie helps. Jess was Harry's friend. Marie was Sally's friend. Harry and Sally brought blind dates for each other and went on a double date. Their dates liked each other, but not Harry and Sally. Harry was mad at his friend for ditching Sally. Sally was mad at her friend for ditching Harry. Now the two friends are marrying each other and Harry and Sally are still single. The toast is a joke referring to how Jess and Marie met, but Harry and Sally don't find it very funny. And, yes, Jess is saying that they found Harry and Sally 100% unattractive.
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    That's a great help. Thanks.

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