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Hello. Consider the following scenario: I went to store A to buy something. Then I went to store B to buy more things. When I was at the checkout counter, and the clerk looked at the stuff I bought at store A. What should I say?


1. "I bought these elsewhere".

2. "These are from a different store".

3. "These are mine and I already paid for them".

None of the above seems satisfactory to me. Have any of you been in a similar situation? What would you say to the clerk? Thanks.
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    So they are actually good?

    I don't know. I just have very little confidence in them because I have never heard a native speaker react in a similar situation.


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    In the US, stores will put your purchases into bags that often have the store name on them. You will also have the receipt in the bag. As a result, the clerk at the counter can easily see that whatever you are carrying came from a different store.


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    1. and 2. are quite fine and natural. Usually items from another store are in bags.

    Hence, in more detail: "These bags contain what I bought elsewhere {in another store}."

    One says the same thing if accosted at the exit, and one (hopefully) adds, "I have proof of purchase."


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    It's much more convincing if you actually specify the store where you bought the things.

    "This stuff comes from Trader Joe's" will end the discussion. When you say "I bought this elsewhere" you are giving the clerk the right to ask "Where?".


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    I agree with Rover. There is no need to say anything at all unless you're questioned (which would be very unlikely); you then show the receipt from the other store.
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