When I hear about a good restaurant on TV, I just have to


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Does this sentence sound strange to you?

"When I hear about a good restaurant on TV, I just have to try that place even if I have to wait in line."

I want to say that I really like going to good restaurants I've never been before, so when a restaurant is mentioned in a local news about how good they are, I must go there, and I wouldn't mind waiting in line at the restaurant to eat there.

I'm not sure if saying "hear" sounds natural.
I'm not sure if I could say it in a different way, such as "if I would have to..." etc, either.

If you could tell me more natural way to say this, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you.
  • perpend

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    I agree with Glenfarclas. To avoid repetition in the second part of the sentence, maybe: ... on TV, I just have to give it a try even if it means waiting in line.


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    Thank you so much, Glenfarclas and perpend!
    I really appreciate your suggestion for a better sentence, perpend!
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