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  1. D.Alex New Member

    How can "when it comes to smt..." be translated in German ? If you could give me more expressions I'll be very thankful.
  2. Schimmelreiter

    Schimmelreiter Senior Member

    When it comes to your question ;)

    Was Deine Frage betrifft, [gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten.]

    Was Deine Frage angeht, ...

    formal: ​Was Deine Frage anbelangt, ...
  3. D.Alex New Member

    And if I want to say for example when it comes to the dream holiday...?

    Thanks for your reply!
  4. Sowka

    Sowka Senior Member

    German, Northern Germany
    It would help if you could post the complete sentence.
  5. D.Alex New Member

    When it comes to the dream holiday, a recent study shows that people prefer USA instead of Europe.
  6. Schimmelreiter

    Schimmelreiter Senior Member

    Besides the phrases I listed above, another one has just come to my mind:

    Wenn es um den Traumurlaub geht, sind die USA beliebter als Europa, wie eine aktuelle Studie zeigt.
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