when it moved network



I looked for this verb (or what it is) several times but didn't find any helpful.

We are talking about the overview of the Shannara Chronicles (upcoming season three).

"While The Shannara Chronicles got off to a strong start the show suffered a huge ratings dip when it moved network."

My doubt regards the verb " to move network". As I think it be a phrasal verb, my only attempt is as follows :

"Sebbene le Cronache di Shannara siano partite col piede giusto, lo programma ha sofferto di un enorme calo dell'indice di ascolto quando ha debuttato in rete."
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    Hi Eva,

    It's not a phrasal verb--it simply means "when it moved from one network to another." I.e., it premiered on MTV but then moved to a different network: probably cambiare would be your verb in Italian. English uses the same construction with "to move house" or "to move jobs."


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    Shouldn’t it “move networks”? To move house (singular) is a set phrase. For the others to move jobs/offices etc. I think a plural noun is used.